ISO 9001:2015


All this leads us to test new designs with increasingly higher characteristics such as METAL REPLACEMENT, materials able to replace various alloys of Zamak, Aluminum, Brass and in some cases even Steel.
Being up-to-date means investing a lot of time and money in courses but above all in Technology, since the aforementioned Materials, which we customarily print, require technologically advanced machinery to be transformed correctly and keep their main characteristics intact.
We can help you to realize new projects as our experience increases day by day with the information passed on to us by those who work with us, from suppliers to the design office.
Then they are brought back to the field with tests of different molding techniques and new technopolymers evolutions.

Lately we have expanded our experience with these new materials:

  • PBT  (classe F)
  • PETG (poliestere)
  • PPA ( Pa aromatica )
  • KELON ( Buona resistenza termica )
  • PPS K30 ( Prodotto in normativa ATEX )

With LATI our supplier for years we are developing some products with ATEX features.

We are able to provide all information and documentation for current regulations ROHS,REACH,UL CARTA GIALLA ecc..

We also have experience with the ATEX legislation, ie the use of products in an explosive environment.

Our constant desire to grow leads us to always accept new challenges that can lead to successes but also to failures that however in both cases extend our EXPERIENCE.

Unfortunately, however, the market in recent years has led us to make choices that are not fully shared: we began a collaboration with a company for the production of molds in China with effective savings, but with a slow but progressive transfer of our knowledge you have our Partners.

By now our collaborators in CHINA are also very reliable both in terms of Quality and Timing, thanks above all to the ITALIAN office.

As far as possible we prefer to rely on our Italian partner with whom we collaborate, in the design and production of molds, for over 30 years, perhaps more for convenience in managing the problems that may arise.