ISO 9001:2015


Our company was born in 1942

At the beginning of the eighties we started a process of transformation that in a few years led us to become a company for the molding of Thermoplastic.

To be precise, we are specialized in the transformation of technopolymers.

Our company was founded in 1942 as thermosetting molding, at the beginning of the 80s a gradual change began in thermoplastic molding that ended in 1993 with the complete replacement of plastic molding presses.

In December 2006

We left our old premises for a larger one, now we have a yard for loading and unloading also accessible to trucks and an electric cabin for the production of electricity.

In 2009

Our company, in order to guarantee ever greater flexibility and collaboration to its customers, grows in the press molding machine with the help of a new machine for the production of large parts.

In 2010

We decide to make our contribution to the environment by equipping ourselves with a photovoltaic system that will become operational in 2011 with a consequent decrease in the intake of co2.

In 2013

IRS is still growing in its machinery with the introduction of new, more performing presses.

In November 2014

We create what we hope will be our future TRANSFORM’S FIXING SYSTEM, a patented transformer support system.

In May 2016

The new patent goes into production with the construction of new molds and the addition of a new patented detail. And those countries that we have always considered our competitors become our customers.

In June 2017

The space that in 2007 seemed so much now is not enough, then we buy a new building adjacent to the old that makes us double the surface on which there is already a photovoltaic system always to be attentive to our needs but with clean energy.

In 2018

The production requirements lead us to purchase a much more powerful electric press in time and quality on small details.